CJ Stander St Munchins Community Centre Fundraiser Launch


Pictured at the CJ Stander St Munchin’s Community Centre fundraiser launch, Dr Liam Brown, VP of Research Development and Innovation at LIT, rugby player CJ Stander, Linda Ledger, Centre Manager and Kieran Mac Sweeney, Private Investment Advisor of the Arts Council. Picture: Ciara Maria Hayes/ilovelimerick.

CJ Stander St Munchins Community Centre Fundraiser Launch

By ilovelimerick correspondent Zoe Conway

Crowds turned out for the CJ Stander St Munchins community centre fundraiser launch after the centre had a devastating fire which destroyed their hairdressing facilities due to a technical fault. They need to raise €9,000 to rebuild the facilities to a good standard and hopefully from the turnout of the launch, that will be no problem. Along with appearing for photographs and signing autographs for all who attended, CJ also donated a prize for the fundraising raffle taking place on March 16th.

The event was a great success. Dr Liam Brown, VP of Research Development and Innovation at Limerick Institute of Technology, donated €1,000 on behalf of LIT saying, “It’s great to be able to support Linda and the centre. The fire was a big setback, but hopefully, everything will be restored and the centre will grow and go from strength to strength. I think that fundraising activities for the work that Linda Ledger and the community are doing is fabulous, it’s great work and a credit to the community and it’s great to be able to give.”

The St. Nessan’s rugby team came down to shake the hand of the legend and show their support for the CJ Stander St Munchins community centre fundraiser launch. There was a huge turnout of people wanting to help get the centre back on its feet again and the entire room was abuzz with excitement to meet CJ.

Senator Kieran O’Donnell came to show his support and shake the much beloved CJ Stander’s hand, saying that “This is a great event. I am a great supporter of Linda Ledger and St. Munchin’s community centre here and it’s great to see CJ here.” The Senator had great respect for CJ, commenting that, “CJ was a neighbour of mine back in Monaleen. He’s a very quiet, unassuming, but a great ambassador. He’s been involved here in the centre for a number of years. He’s had a fantastic aim for Ireland and this is a great cause. Everything they do in St. Munchin’s is very much around the community, if you look around here today, you’ve all aspects of people living here, from the parish priest to the people locally involved to people across the rugby clubs. CJ really epitomises everything that’s good about Munster Rugby and very much everything that’s good about Irish Rugby. He had a brilliant game on Saturday and I’ve no doubt he’ll continue to do the same for Munster and against Scotland, we’ll meet them shortly.”

Linda Ledger the manager of the centre was thrilled with the turnout, and the support from CJ, saying “We’re just delighted to have CJ here. He is very good to us, we met him during the floods, and every year he gives us his kit to raffle. Just to have him here today with the IRFU is brilliant. It couldn’t have happened on a better day, because with the fire and that, now he’s launching our raffle and everything.”

CJ donated an Irish Rugby jersey signed by the entire Irish team to the cause, in the hopes that it will generate more in the raffle taking place on March 16th. CJ Stander commented, “it’s great to see the people come out to support the centre and I think they do a great part for the community. It’ll be great to see them get the building back to what it needs to be. They do a lot of great work and Linda is always in the front of leading that. It’s great to be here today and great to see such a turnout.”


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