5 Best Budget Holiday Tips

5 Best Budget Holiday Tips

If there is one thing that I love to do, it’s travel, and believe me when I say I’ve done my fair share of it. So, I feel it is only fair to share the little bit of knowledge I have from my experiences. Hope you all enjoy!


The more you keep eyeing up that cheap flight on Ryanair, the more they know you want to go, and you’ll slowly start seeing that price climbing up and up. A great tip is to clear your cookies before you go browsing for your holiday deal to avoid the unjustified hike in prices.


Don’t just assume because Ryanair isn’t too expensive that Aer Lingus will be more. It never hurts to have a quick glance at a competitors website to see if you do really have the best deal. The same goes for where you’re staying, don’t just look at a reasonably priced hotel, if you’re traveling on your own and wouldn’t mind some company, check out local hostels, you’d be surprised at how amazing they can be anymore. If you’re traveling in a group, don’t pay for three hotel rooms, check out Airbnb, there are some amazing properties for next to nothing compared to hotels. I once found an amazing penthouse apartment on Airbnb in London for only €12 a night!!!


Don’t fall into the rut of thinking that a two week holiday means a 15kg bag and a carry on and a large handbag. Yes, I realise if you have a wedding and you have to bring the brides dress, and decorations and things like that then it may be the case, but a lot of the time, you can easily limit your wardrobe (just a little bit!) and manage just fine with a carry on and a handbag.


Let’s say you are in Paris, and right by the Eiffel Tower, everything in a three block radius will be more expensive because of this, but if you’re willing to walk just a little you can find some fantastic boutiques and cafes, that while still may be pricey, because it is Paris, won’t be as pricey as a place right next to a tourist trap. That is after all why they are called a tourist trap.

*Also, if you are going to the Eiffel Tower and someone looks for your signature, this is usually a scam that takes place here, they look for your signature to help their cause and then once you’ve signed they will bring up about a donation to the cause. It is also quite dangerous to be giving out your signature while abroad.

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