Working Out . . . I don’t love it

Working Out . . . I don't love it

Ok, so I meant to put this up a week ago, but I’ve been busy with work and life and yeah, mainly life. But I’ve stuck to this challenge of mine for most of the days. The other day, I was just all together feeling unwell and took an extra rest day. I woke up with swollen eyes and a blocked nose and an on again off again fever that made me want to do nothing except curl up in bed and sleep. So I did. I don’t regret it.

Between work, helping my mum out with my little brother and helping my boyfriend with his leg injury. I am a busy bee. I am rushing and running around Limerick, and I’m about to take on a photography course with Shaw Academy also. Still, I’m going to keep doing my workouts, not because I love them, but because I feel better about myself with them.

My legs are getting stronger, my arms actually have a bit of muscle and are starting to get more defined, and my ass is firming up. I am only half way there in terms of the challenge length, but I feel like I am improving, it hasn’t done much in terms of weight loss, but I do feel like I am slimming and toning my body.

The smoothies are yummy, but they are getting a little sickening, as sometimes I just want to crunch on a breakfast, not suck it through a straw. But this is working, I’ve lost five pound in two weeks and I’m feeling healthier.

Am I tired, in the morning hell yes, in the day, not so much. It’s strange, all of it. I’m not sure what I think of it all, I definitely don’t love it yet at least, but I’m not hating it. Only time will tell if I kep this up, but I really hope that I do. I hope someone is reading this and is finding it helpful!

Love you guys,

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