My 30 Day Challenge Against Myself

My 30 Day Challenge

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My 30 Day Challenge Against Myself

My 21st Birthday is twenty weeks away starting Wednesday and for it, I want to be my ideal weight. For this to happen I must lose another fifty pounds in this short period of time. Am I bricking it? Absolutely. Will this be hard? You can bet on it. Am I going to achieve it? I really hope so.

But to do it I can’t just be sitting around on my ass eating chocolate, as I have been the last few days, as I was trapped under a mountain of Easter eggs (don’t blame me they were gifts!).

So how am I going to lose all this weight? By facing me against my greatest competitor, myself. I am challenging myself to a thirty-day workout plan alongside a thirty-day breakfast smoothie challenge.

I am going to work my butt off with squats, lunges, pushups and, crunches. Every morning I will get up three hours before I have to be someplace, and I will do a half hour workout, shower, make a hopefully delicious and definitely low in calorie smoothie and make my way to work.

I’m also hoping that now that the weather is supposed to be getting warmer here in Ireland (and less rainy), maybe I can start walking to work instead of getting the bus to and fro every day. It won’t be feasible every day, as the walk is roughly a forty-five-minute journey compared to a fifteen-minute bus drive. Plus let’s face it, I won’t always be wearing the right kind of shoes for walking . . . I really REALLY like my ankle boots, and wedges, and heels, and well you get the idea, shoes.

So these are my plans, and you can follow along with me, everything will be up on my Instagram if you’d like to. Or you can always just read along as I talk about my ups and downs with this. Let’s hope that I am just competitive enough with myself to actually do this.

Until next time.
Zoe xo

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