Life as an I Love Limerick Correspondent

I Love Limerick Banner. Picture courtesy of I Love Limerick.

Life as an I Love Limerick Correspondent

I believe a little context is necessary, so let’s start here. I’m currently studying at UL (University of Limerick, for those not in Ireland), and as part of my course, I must work for a company in my field for several months. Thankfully though, I got the opportunity to work for the renowned Richard Lynch.

Richard Lynch started I Love Limerick, almost ten years ago, and in the process created a network of contacts, in any and every field of work, not only in Limerick but across Ireland and America. In all honesty, I completely understand why. He is an honest, soulful, kind human being, who is honestly an honour to work with, in any capacity!

I’ve been working in I Love Limerick as a ‘content creator’ for the last five weeks, and honestly, I’m loving every second of it! Richard constantly thinks he’s being too intense and scaring us with it, and yet I like the intensity. It shows us just how passionate he is about Limerick and the fantastic people in it.

The intensity is his way of teaching all of us, and it’s motivating us (or me at the very least) to put just as much passion in our words, whether it’s a press release, a piece of news, or a story about a Limerick Legend that we get to put together ourselves. Each week holds a new nugget (or two) of inspiration and information, as well as new contacts and experiences.

So far, I’ve written about half a dozen of my own researched articles, and about a million press releases. I’ve tried my hand at social photography, and discovered that I love it! I’ve made a few interesting contacts, and I honestly believe I’ve lost some weight from those stairs (there are quite a few of them)!

All in all, I love working there. Listening to Richard talk so passionately about his love for Limerick is inspiring. I’m getting to see just how much Limerick has to offer with every event I’m sent to, some of which have completely surprised me with just how much I’ve loved them.

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