101 Things I Love

I want to fill my life and as many others with happiness whenever and wherever possible so below is a list of one hundred and one things that I love. The list is numbered, but not ranked. Enjoy!

  1. Swimming
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Drawing/painting/all things art
  5. Christmas time
  6. Salsa dancing
  7. Movies
  8. Netflix
  9. Chocolate
  10. Chocolate covered chocolate
  11. Cats (be it a video or a cute picture, cats are always the sweetest and most evil animals in the world, and I love them for that!)
  12. Rollerskating
  13. College (except when I have an assignment due, but what can you do?)
  14. Games
  15. Curling up by the fire on a cold winter night
  16. SNOW!!!
  17. Christmas shopping (although almost no one believes me)
  18. Gilmore Girls (always have, always will)
  19. PINTEREST (it may be starting to become a problem…)
  20. 1950’s clothes (if I could afford it, I would own no other clothes)
  21. Eyeliner
  22. Pole dancing (I miss it like crazy . . . being a broke student sucks)
  23. Working at I Love Limerick
  24. Authentic Chinese food
  25. Chinese takeaway too
  26. Music that makes you happy
  27. Music that you can’t help but dance around to
  28. Flowers (I don’t have a favourite, they’re all so pretty!)
  29. Baking
  30. Girly nights in
  31. Hot chocolate in winter
  32. Ice-cream at the beach
  33. Apple products (please don’t hate me for this! It’s personal preference really)
  34. Getting dressed up for a date (I feel so pretty!)
  35. That feeling you get when you’ve been working really hard to lose weight and you step on the scale and you did better than you had hoped!
  36. Going to the beach with friends in the summer
  37. Driving
  38. Going to the cinema to see a Marvel movie for the first time
  39. Watching Marvel movies (at any and every point in time)
  40. Seeing an older couple walking around hand in hand
  41. F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!! But honestly, who doesn’t
  42. Lingerie shopping with my best girlfriends (it’s honestly a bonding experience)
  43. Playing D&D
  44. Ben & Jerry’s (I know I shouldn’t, but especially when it’s on sale)
  45. Travel
  46. Ice skating with my friends at Christmas
  47. Floorplans (I like to mess around with designing them every so often)
  48. Going to live music
  49. Burlesque shows
  50. Black Magic chocolates
  51. Limerick Pride Parade (we have it every year, it’s not as big as New York, but I love it)
  52. Seeing cute puppies around town
  53. Charity shopping (it helps good causes and you get some fantastic value deals)
  54. Figuring out something I’ve been struggling with
  55. Trying out new experiences
  56. Taking photos
  57. Tattoo’s (I have three already, and another two I’m dying to get when I’ve finished losing the weight)
  58. Going on a road trip
  59. Going on a weekend getaway
  60. Hugs
  61. Surprises (so long as I don’t know they’re coming)
  62. Getting to go out with my friends
  63. Watching any and all things Disney
  64. Shopping (although sometimes I hate it too)
  65. Making new friends
  66. Finding a new favourite song on Spotify
  67. Cocktails on a night out
  68. Celebrating my friends’ achievements
  69. A good board game night
  70. When you get your hair washed at the hairdressers and they massage your head
  71. When someone plays lightly with my hair
  72. Blindfolded makeovers (ABORT THE EYELINER!)
  73. New pajamas
  74. A spa night
  75. Massages of any kind (although they don’t happen nearly as much as I’d like)
  76. Going out for dinner
  77. Home cooked meals
  78. Yoga (when I can convince myself to get up off the couch and do it that is)
  79. The smell of freshly cut grass
  80. My pandora bracelet (every charm on it was a gift from a loved one on a special occasion)
  81. Relaxing in People’s Park with friends on a sunny summer day
  82. My cozy Chip slippers (they were a Christmas present and I LOVE them!)
  83. Halloween (it’s my all-time favourite holiday)
  84. Treating myself to a little something nice when I’ve had a really bad day
  85. Cuddles
  86. Singing (but only in the shower)
  87. Practicing some self-love
  88. When you see someone really happy strolling through town (it always makes me a little happier)
  89. Trying out new makeup tutorials
  90. Feeling like I have a purpose
  91. Miranda Hart’s tv show Miranda (it always cheers me up)
  92. William Shakespeares sonnet 18
  93. Funky jewelry
  94. A nice, long hot bath after an especially long cold day
  95. Baby pandas (they are too damn cute!)
  96. Lazy Sundays
  97. Pancakes in bed on my birthday
  98. Facebook memories (I only ever put up important things, if even, so they almost always make me happy)
  99. Penguins
  100. Living in Limerick (I may want to travel, but I still want to come back here after)
  101. This blog (I know it’s only a baby blog, but I have put a lot of time into thinking about what I want to show on here)

So there you have it, one hundred and one things I love. If you didn’t know me before, you do now.

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